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We all know the challenges faced in running a successful door company today. As a door contractor, you’re constantly managing the expectations of your clients while working with door manufacturers, distributors and other vendors to ensure the projects get done on time.

One of the biggest things that separates our company from other manufacturers is the fact that we originally started our careers in as door contractors. Over 30 years ago we spent our days discovering what our customers truly need for their application, selecting the right parts for their building, doing the door install and then continuing to service and repair the project as needed.

That background allowed us to shape the customer experience of Stainless Garage Door Parts to fit the exact needs of door dealers and contractors just like you. It also led us to create our most useful tool on this website: The ‘Equip MY Door’ tool! It doesn’t matter what door you are working with, whether it’s new or 20 years old. Simply plug in your door information and specs into the tool and select what you need for your project.

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